"…and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh". (Deuteronomy, 33, (17)   )

Alfe Menashe is located in the hills of Samaria, some 4 ½ miles to the east of Kfar Saba,1000 ft. above sea level, and about 10 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. Standing at the observation point on a clear day, one can easily see the entire central part of Israel, from the Carmel Ridge and Haifa in the north to Ashdod in the south. Without question, Alfe-Menashe has a very beautiful view.

The settlement, founded in 1983, was designated for housing families from the Israeli security forces. Later, it was settled by non-military families who wanted to improve their standard of living (clean air, ex cellent education, housing etc.) Alfe Menashe attracted many families from all parts of the country because of its high standards as well as its location -in the center of the country. Except during rush hour, it takes only about 30 minutes to drive to Tel Aviv and an hour to Jerusalem.

It is also very close to many smaller cities. In addition, Route 6, a toll road, is easily accessible, improving travel time to the North and the South.

Today, Alfe-Menashe offers many community facilities and activities for its more than 8000 inhabitants. 

There is a sports club with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, gym facilities and a variety of fitness classes.

The community center provides a rich variety of activities for kids, youth and adults.  There are excellent basketball, soccer, judo, martial arts and gymnastics teams and an advanced modern dance group. There are also a choir for adults and a number of musical youth groups.

The community gathers to celebrate holidays and commemorate memorial days. The Independence Day Show is renowned throughout the country. Presented by local talent of all ages, it features as many as one hundred performers on the stage at one time!

Alfe Menashe has a varied population; some of them use one of the two Synagogues on a daily basis and on major religious holidays the Synagogues and auxiliary houses of worship are filled to capacity. Everyone gets along well and Friday nights and Shabbatot are wonderful for both religious and secular residents.

Many people move to Alfe Menashe because of its excellent educational system. The community provides day care and kindergarten, as well as two elementary schools and a junior high school. The High school-aged students study in Kfar Saba- a city close by with excellent educational facilities. This experience also offers them an opportunity to increase their circle of friends.

Children and teenagers in Alfe Menashe participate in two youth movements: the Scouts and Bnei Akiva, a religious youth movement. Many teenagers volunteer in various frameworks such as the fire brigade, first aid and many more. In addition, there are an extraordinary number of adult residents who volunteer in almost every aspect of community life.

Alfe-Menashe has a small shopping center which consists of a supermarket,  post office, library, medical clinics, veterinary services, restaurants, coffee shops and more. There is an industrial area which consists of a second, larger supermarket, and some businesses and factories. 

First Mayor, Mr. Shlomo Kattan -between the years 1985-1998

Second Mayor, the late Mr. Hisday Eliezer 1998-2012

2018 - Mr. Shlomo Kattan re-elected 2012 

                                                                             Mr. Shy Rosenzweig